Publication Type: Journal Article

Eisele, P. (2013). Validation of the Team Diagnostic Survey and a Field Experiment to Examine the Effects of an Intervention to Increase Team Effectiveness. Group Facilitation, 12, 53-70.

Abstract: The aims of the study presented in this article were to validate the Swedish version of the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS), and to examine effects of a feedback intervention to increase team effectiveness. The TDS is based on Hackman’s (2002) theory of group effectiveness which described three main criteria of performance and 14 factors […]

Eisele, P. (2015). The predictive validity of the team diagnostic survey: Testing a model with performance and satisfaction as output variables. Team Performance Management, 21, 5/6, 293-306.

Abstract: Purpose – The aims of the present study were to test the predictive validity of the Swedish version of the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS). Design/methodology/approach – A model with both performance and satisfaction was tested with structural equation model (SEM) analyses. Participants completing the survey were employees (N = 214) across three large workplaces. […]