The TDS Survey: 6 Conditions of Team Effectiveness with Dr. Ruth Wageman, Pauline Willis & Dr. Krister Lowe

What are the most powerful factors that predict team effectiveness? How much do the designing, launching and coaching phases influence team effectiveness?  Tune in to this week’s episode of the Team Coaching Zone Podcast for a round table conversation with Dr Ruth Wageman, Pauline Willis and Dr. Krister Lowe to explore how the TDS Survey and the 6 Conditions of Team Effectiveness answer these and other important topics facing teams in today’s organizations.  Dr. Ruth Wageman is a thought leader and practitioner in the area of teams and team effectiveness, the author of Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes To Make Them Great and one of the Creators of the Team Diagnostic Survey along with Dr. Richard Hackman.  Pauline Willis is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, coach-mentor and thought leader in executive and team coaching with Lauriate, Ltd and the Coaching and Mentoring Network. Dr. Krister Lowe is an Organizational Psychologist, an executive and team coach and the Founder of the Team Coaching Zone, LLC.

In this episode of the podcast, show guests share their journey and mission to bring the TDS Survey and the 6 Conditions of Team Effectiveness to the marketplace in order to increase team effectiveness in organizations and communities  Themes covered in this episode include:

  • Origins of the TDS survey and framework
  • The 6 Conditions of Team Effectiveness: 3 Essentials (Real Team, Compelling Purpose, Right People) & 3 Enablers (Sound Structure, Supportive Organizational Context, Team Coaching)
  • Chronology and sequencing of the 6 conditions
  • 3 Key Task Processes: Effort, Strategy, Knowledge & Skill
  • 3 Team Effectiveness Outcomes: Task Performance, Group Process, Member Satisfaction
  • How the TDS helps predict up to 80% of a team’s effectiveness
  • The 60-30-10 rule of team intervention: Designing, Launching and Coaching phases of teams
  • Abundance of poorly designed teams
  • Upcoming launch of the the Team Diagnostic Survey
  • Stories/Applications using the TDS Survey with real-world teams: with team leaders: the team leader as team coach; leadership teams that struggle with purpose and being a real team; the limits of training teams in soft skills and using personality assessments to increase performance; using personality assessments with team diagnostics in teams; teams vs. teaming; lessons applying the TDS when working with rapid teams; team of teams – using the TDS with multiple teams within an organization as well as partnering across organizations in an industry (e.g. healthcare); critical teams and change teams; reinventing organizations through transforming teams; supervision of team coaches; collaborative leadership teams; self-governing teams and more

This episode is essential listening for all team coaches who are seeking to understand the most powerful levers that drive team effectiveness as well as a measurement instrument that can help teams create the conditions for success. Tune in today and take your team coaching practice to the next level!

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